Sunday, December 9, 2012

S3, E4: Why Do Men Like Their Women Crazy? Featuring Musical Guest Willie Taylor (Full Episode)

Tracy G, writer of ‘His Lil’ Rihanna: Why So Many Men Like Their Women Crazy', called in to chat with us about her original article which covered just that: Why do men choose to date crazy women? G breaks it down for us, and even differentiates between being passionate and being just plain ole crazy. Singer Willie Taylor stops by to discuss his new mixtape and gives us his all with our popular lie detector test.

S3, E3: Social Media Dating Tips, The Do’s and Don’ts featuring Jazmine Henley-Brown (Clip)

Are there rules to social media and dating? Should you present yourself a certain way via the internet? Should you avoid posting lewd pictures of yourself? Jazmine Henley-Brown says yes!

S3, E2: Musical Guest Dawn Richard Talks New Music and Takes Lie Detector Test (Clip)

While busy prepping her upcoming solo debut, R&B recording artist Dawn Richard called into the bedroom. In our chat, Dawn gives us the inside scoop behind the album’s lead single "86" and even partakes in our 100% accurate lie detector test.

S3, E1: Getting Out of The "Homie" Zone featuring Musical Guest Alex Jacke (Full Episode)

Brande Victorian, writer of ‘The Homie Box', called in to chat with us about getting out of the “homie” zone when you’re truly seeking a relationship. Singer and songwriter Alex Jacke came through to reveal the truth behind his infectious single “One Thing”, and boldly enlists to take our revealing lie detector test. 

Will Great Sex Keep You In A Bad Relationship?